Kanon Wakeshima Q&A Sakura Con 2012 + Setlist

Kanon Wakeshima performing at Sakura Con 2012 photo by tank9

Tank9 and I had the honor to sit in on Kanon Wakeshima’s Question and Answer session as press at Sakura Con 2012. I was able to document the questions convention goers had for her and her responses. Her personality is sweet, she speaks very softly and radiates a genuine amount excitement towards connecting with fans. On Saturday Night April 7th, 2012 we watched her intriguing performance as the opening performer for Moi Dix Mois. Kanon Wakeshima’s stage presence is theatrical and beautiful, plus her cello playing is amazing! We really enjoyed her live concert, and were able to film the entire set. To check out clips of her performance watch out Sakura Con 2012 Documentary. On Sunday we were able to get her autograph. It was wonderful to see her in person, I have been a fan of hers since she first debuted with her single “Still Doll”. Here is the Q&A and set list from Sakura Con 2012. Enjoy~

Kanon Wakeshima photo session during Q&A photo by tank9

Kanon Wakeshima Q&A

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for your hats and outfits?
A: Mana comes up with the visual styles for my albums.

Q: Are your cellos the same on your albums as in concerts?
A: Cello used while recording is the one I have had since middle school. For concerts I use Red and White Ones.

Q: What is your biggest musical inspiration?
A: I was very influenced by my classical music teachers, they taught me how beautiful music can be.

Q: What influenced you to begin a career with Mana?
A: Mana became my producer, he went to an audition I was playing and watched me play cello and sing, he was interested. I then made Still Doll, the first single song for Vampire Knight.

Q: Were you excited about doing the second theme for Vampire Knight?
A: My first thought to use for the second song was Sandcastle. I didn’t know it would be used for Vampire Knight, then I decided to use it.

Q: Any Future Projects, New releases?
A: I am planning to do a new live concert in Japan, First time in a year. New releases for concert, Written all new songs.

Q: When did you start dressing in Lolita fashion?
A: I always liked cute clothes since I was small. My mother likes cute clothes and influenced me to wear them.

Q: What advice would you give for someone learning to play the cello?
A: I have been playing cello since I was 3. My parents decided that I would play it before I was born. There were times when I thought to quit but never have. I can’t relate to someone who wants to play for themselves. Continue learning and you will be glad you did.

Q: Who is your favorite character from Vampire Knight?
A: Miyuki.

Q: What is your thought process behind the songs you just wrote?
A: People eat meals 3 times a day, and it’s the same with songs. I put feeling into songs similar to the way you eat everyday. Music is like food, I like to serve delicious music.

Q: Other than cello, is there any other instruments you are learning?
A: There are a lot of instruments I want to learn. I was in choir in middle school. If I could learn to play an instrument I would like to play a wind instrument, trumpet or saxophone.

Q: Out of voice actors for vampire knight, who is your favorite?
A: Miyano – Zero.

Q: What made you audition to enter the music industry?
A: Since I was small I have always done classical music. I expected to be a musician and went with the flow. I like art and music, I wasn’t sure which one to choose, then went with music.

Q: How do you like Seattle, How are you enjoying Sakura Con so far?
A: Yesterday I went to a place near Starbucks where there is a golden pig. I find Seattle to be a cute town. I like the fish neon signs. Sakura Con is fun, I like the cosplay and have taken a lot of pictures.

Q: What inspires your music?
A: On album’s many songs were provided by Mana. I enter the world of music, base lyrics on feelings and emotions. I write music and lyrics from my own feelings.

Q: When you draw what kind of style do you like to use, manga, classical style?
A: The reason I started to draw was to draw cute clothes I wanted to wear, that’s how I started drawing.

Q: What is your favorite part of your career?
A: The people who listen to my music, it’s a happy thought that people are listening and are aware.

Q: What else do you plan to do with your art?
A: I have no plans for art projects at the moment. Any projects you want me to do, Please tell me.

Q: Do you have any questions for us?
A: I have a lot of questions for you. There are so many high-quality cosplay, where do you buy it, or do you make it? Also ask about the gap between what anime is popular here and in Japan.

Q: What is your favorite song you have sung?
A: I like all of them, there is so much work into each of them. Hope you listen to them to find your own favorite songs.

Kanon Wakeshima’s Autograph in the Sakura Con 2012 Souvenir Guide

Set list from the Kanon Wakeshima concert
1. Shakespeare no Wasuremono -Prologue-
2. Still Doll
3. Mirror[Kagami]
4. Kajitsu no Keikoku
5. Odette
6. Marmalade Sky
7. Celmisia
8. The Dollhouse
9. Chocolate
10. Waltz
11. Daybreak [Yoake]
12. Princess Charleston

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Moi Dix Mois Q&A Sakura Con 2012 + Set List

I had the pleasure of sitting in on the Moi Dix Mois Q&A at Sakura Con 2012 as Press. It was very interesting to hear the questions the audience had for the 5 members of Moi Dix Mois. Mana does not speak publically, he whispered the answers to K, and K answered for him in English. Moi Dix Mois celebrated their 10 year anniversary on March 19th 2012. At the convention we attended their live concert which was amazingly dark, dramatic, and energetic. I have been a fan of Moi Dix Mois since they were first introduced, through middle school I loved Malice Mizer, and followed Mana as he started his own band. We received autographs from all members, except Hayato, Unfortunately he had to leave back to Japan early. Here is the full Q&A that took place at Sakura Con 2012. Enjoy~

Photo from official Sakura Con Souvenir Guide. Autographed by Seth, K, Mana, and Sugiya.
Moi Dix Mois Q&A

Members seated from left to right
(Bassist), K (Guitar),  Mana (Guitar), Seth (Vocals), Hayato (Drums)

Q: (Mana) Will you make a Matin Mana plush?
: K for Mana: We’ll consider plans for that.

Q: (ALL) Congrats on your 10th anniversary, what do you have upcoming?
A: K for Mana: New Album Reprise coming out next summer.

Q: (ALL) What is the band’s musical influence?
A: Yngwie Malmsteen

Q: (Mana) Is there a possibility for a Malice Mizer reunion?
A: K for Mana: There will be a live in September with Kozi and Yu~ki in Japan

Q: (ALL) Will there be a back catalog for international releases?
: ALL: Still to be decided

Q: (ALL) Given your reception in the US, will have tour in America?
ALL: We are making arrangements for that, still to be decided.

Q: (Mana) What’s your Favorite song you’ve ever written?
K for Mana: Seventh Veil

Q: (ALL) How long does it take to do your hair/makeup for a concert?
A: Hayato: One hour
Seth: 2 hours
K for Mana: 2 and a half hours
K: “me too” (2 and a half hours)
Sugiya: 15 minutes

Q: (ALL) What is the source of inspiration for everything you do?
: K for Mana: From the heart

Q: (Mana) You have been dyeing your hair a lot recently What is  your next hair color?
: K for Mana: You’ll have to look forward to the next Color

Q: (Mana) Did you know that your blog is translated in English, and that anyone can read it?
: He is glad so many read his blog

Q: (ALL) How do you feel about being in Seattle, and to see the American fans at Sakura Con?
A: Hayato: Thank you
Seth: Thank you I’m really happy
K for Mana: Happy to eat seafood and seafood in America
K: I’m glad to see YOU!
Sugiya: I’m very happy

Q: (K) Do you enjoy screaming?
A: K: YEAH!!!!!!

Q: (Mana) Have you seen any cool Gothic Lolitas or cosplay? (at the con)
A: K for Mana: I would like to take time after the panel  to explore and find some.

Q: (ALL) Do you wear concert fashion clothes every day or in public?
A: K for Mana: These costumes are for live Performances only.

Q: (Mana) Will you ever reopen Mon+Amour International?
: K for Mana: We’ll look into that.

Q: (ALL) Influences of metal, What bands do you like, what metal bands influence you?
: Hayato: Galneryus
Seth: The Beatles
K for Mana: Slayer
K: Slipknot
Sugiya: Queensryche and jazz music

Q: (Sugiya) Was your makeup your own idea?
A: Sugiya: Mana-sama’s

Q: (K) What anime character would you cosplay?
A: K: Ryuk from Death Note

Q: (Mana) If you were on a deserted island and could bring only one item, what would it be?
: K for Mana: Jeune Fille ( his guitar)

Q: (Seth) How do you deal with the worldwide fanbase? Are you scared/surprised?
: Seth: I’m overly happy about having a large Fanbase

Q: (ALL) What is everyone’s favorite drink?
: Hayato: Beer
Seth: Beer
K for Mana: Pepsi
K: Redbull
Sugiya: Beer

Q: (ALL) Describe the bandmate next to you in one word.
Sugiya to K: Ryuk
K to Mana: My boss
K for Mana to Seth: Eyepatch
Seth to Hayato: Hinotama Boy
Hayato to Sugiya: Drunk

Q: (K) What is your biggest non musical inspiration?
A: K: Tim Burton

Q: (Mana) Originally what got you started into fashion?
A: K for Mana: At the time there was nothing like Gothic Lolita fashion so I wanted to make that happen.

Q: (Seth) What is it like to be in multiple bands like Art Cube and Moi dix Mois?
: Seth:  I am Moi dix Mois vocal only, other than that, I don’t know.

Q: (Hayato) What other job would you have if you weren’t doing music?
A: Hayato: Chef

Q: (ALL) Do you have any beauty tips?
: Hayato: Beer
Seth: Eyepatch
Mana: Practice makeup
K: Love
Sugiya: Alcohol

Set list from the Moi Dix Mois Concert at Sakura Con 2012:
1. The Pact of Silence[SE]
2. The Seventh Veil
3. Metaphysical
4. Witchcraft
5. Divine Place
6. Sanctum Regnum
7. The SECT
8. New Song
9. Pendulum
10. Immortal madness
11. Dead Scape2010
12. Ange ~D side holy wings
13. Deus ex machine

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